MovAudio develops music and sound apps for Android devices focused at recreational, educational and professional field.

Introducing the following apps:

Guitar Droid

Configurable multitouch guitar with sound effects, scales and chords for Android

Guitar Droid icon - Multitouch guitar for Android

New Guitar Droid 2.1 version

  • Multitouch: up to 16 simultaneous voices
  • Acoustic 6 and 12 strings, Classical, Electric, Metal and Jazz 330 guitars
  • Sound effects: Fuzz, Echo and Reverb
  • 24 types of scales and 18 of chords
  • 12 preset string instruments
  • 12 alternate tunings

Guitar Droid is fully configurable:

  • Frets number: 2 to 13 frets
  • Left handed guitar
  • Strings number: 1 to 6 strings
  • Individual tuning of strings
  • Capo

And strings move

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Pro - 1.5
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lite - Free - 0


Creator of musical melodies algorithmically with 128 instruments and Beatbox for Android

Composer icon - Algorithmic musical composer

New Composer 3.0 version

Composer is an app that creates musical melodies and songs, accompanied with drum and percussion rhythms, up to one hour.

Turn your Android tablet or smart phone into a musical melodies creator that creates music and songs for your videos, presentations, installations, etc.

And you do not need musical knowledge.

  • 21 presets
  • 24 melodic styles
  • 64 drum rhythms
  • 128 hi quality instruments
  • Save your tunes in MidiFile format
  • Share your compositions via Email, WhatsApp, etc

Compose and share your own music

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Pro - 2
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lite - Free - 0

Musical Dictation

Musical Dictation is an app for musical ear training through musical dictations using musical notation.

Musical Dictation - Ear training using musical notation

New Musical Dictation 3.0 version

Musical Dictation generates random musical dictates, up to 24 notes through a simple and intuitive interface.

Musical Dictation automatically corrects your tonal or atonal musical dictation showing the successes and mistakes.

Musical Dictation lets you adjust:

  • Dictation type: Tonal or Atonal - New in Version 3.0
  • Dictation tone (Major and Natural Minor) - New in Version 3.0
  • Flats or Sharp alterations - New in Version 3.0
  • Difficulty
  • Tonic and Octave of the dictation
  • Number of notes
  • 24 instruments
  • Tempo
  • Interval types

Train your ear

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Pro - 0.99
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lite - Free - 0