Musical Dictation - Overview

Musical Dictation is an app for musical ear training using musical notation.

With the new version 3.0 of Musical Dictation you can select between Atonal and Tonal dictations:

Atonal Dictation: This is the classic mode of operation of Musical Dictation. The dictation uses the intervals selected by the user for note jumps without taking into account any key.

Tonal Dictation: Select between Tone Major or Tone Natural Minor so that the dictation exclusively uses the intervals of that tonality.

Musical Dictation generates random musical dictates, up to 24 notes (16 notes in lite version.) that are automatically corrected by the application.

You can adjust the tonality, tonic, octave, number of notes, instrument, difficulty and tempo as well as the intervals you want to appear in the dictation.

Musical Dictation main screen
Musical Dictation settings screen


Musical Dictation is an app that works with any model, screen size and resolution from Jelly Bean 4.1.x (API level 16) version of the Android operating system.

Musical Dictation main screen