Guitar Droid - Options and settings

Menu and icons

Depending on the type of device used (tablet or phone), you can find all options on the top bar or by pressing the menu button on the phone.

Sound effects

Sound effects screen - icon In the sound effects screen you select and adjust the following sound effects.

Guitar Droid - Multitouch guitar for Android - Sound effects
  • Fuzz
    A fuzz effect with distortion tone and level.
  • Echo
    An echo with delay, feedback and gain controls.
  • Reverb
    With reverb size and tone controls.

With the numbered buttons 1 to 6 you can preview the effects applied to each of the 6 open strings, without pressing any fret, before returning to the fingerboard.


Scale or Chord selection

Scale or Chord selection - icon In Scales or Chord modes, displays the screen where you can select the note and the mode of scale or chord.

Guitar Droid - Multitouch guitar for Android - Chord and Scale selection

Use the Tone drop-down to choose the note of the scale or chord


Use the Mode drop-down to choose the mode of the scale or chord

In lite version only a few modes are available.


Guitar settings

Guitar settings screen - icon Guitar Droid offers the following guitar settings.

Guitar Droid - Multitouch guitar for Android - Guitar settings

All sounds used come from real instruments and have been recorded, sampled and processed, with the highest studio quality sound:

  • Acoustic
  • Classical
  • Electric
  • Acoustic 12 strings *
  • Metal *
  • Jazz 330 *
* Pro versión

From 0 to 10.


You can select from a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 13 frets, including the open string.


The highest fret number to put the capo varies depending on the number of selected frets.

Note info

Shows the note name when you pulse.

Left handed

Reverses the strings for the left handed guitarists.


Strings, tunings and instruments settings

Strings and Tunings screen - icon You can customize the strings number (from 1 up to 6) as well as each individual string tuning. Only available in Guitar mode. Scale and Chord modes always have 6 strings and the standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E).

The number buttons let you hear the corresponding string and shows the number of octave in which it is located.

The Tunings/Instruments drop-down menu lets you choose from 12 alternate tunings and 12 different string instruments.

Guitar Droid - Multitouch guitar for Android - Strings and Tunings settings
  • Standard
  • Cross Note
  • Fourths
  • Dad Gad *
  • Drop D *
  • Judy Blue Eyes *
  • Laud *
  • Nashville *
  • Open A *
  • Open G *
  • Pentatonic *
  • RF extended *
  • Balalaika
  • Banjo 5 strings
  • Cavaquinho *
  • Charango *
  • Cittern *
  • Cuatro *
  • Dobro *
  • Jarana *
  • Requinto *
  • Shamisen *
  • Ud *
  • Ukelele *
* Pro version